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Uber Freight and Commercial Trucking Insurance

In May of 2017, Uber launched one of their newest services Uber Freight. Uber Freight is an exciting, new trucking app that matches vetted drivers with long-haul routes. The app allows drivers or dispatchers to book and confirm routes with the tap of a button. They have the choice to filter the routes they search for by pickup, destination, the offered price, and other factors. Uber Freight is designed to work for carriers of any size. Although, the service is particularly attractive to small fleets and independent owner-operators. In order for trucking fleets and owner-operators to work with Uber Freight they need to have the proper Commercial Trucking Insurance.

How Does Uber Freight Work? What are the advantages?

Uber Freight was created with the business model to appeal to smaller fleets and independent truck drivers. Therefore, the app is designed to give more power to operators and solve many problems drivers have with traditional freight brokerage. Before Uber Freight, drivers or Uber Freightoperators would have to make multiple calls to schedule loads. Now the booking process is streamlined. Booking is made simple through the app. As easy as Uber makes it to schedule a car to pick you up on the curb, they make it just as convenient for commercial truck drivers to schedule loads and routes.

Another problem drivers have with traditional methods are delayed payment. The standard for payment is 30 to 60 days, but with Uber Freight drivers can receive payment about seven days after completion. This allows small trucking fleets or owner-operators to continuously operate at full capacity when repairs and other issues arise. A third problem Uber Freight solves is the problem of deadhead miles. Deadhead miles are the number of miles commercial truck drivers drive from the point of unload to the point where their new load is ready to pickup. Uber Freight accounts for this and compensates drivers. Furthermore, the app also features a “Take Me Home”. This setting helps drivers book loads that will take them back home while still earning income.

Uber Freight is still in its beginning years, but with the way they are operating and handling freight brokerage, they are hoping to transform the industry. They are positioning themselves as a drivers first service. They believe that when drivers are empowered and delivery is more efficient all businesses run better. Take a look at the partnership that Uber Freight has with Ocean Spray, and you’ll see how this new service works.

Commercial Trucking Insurance 

As Uber Freight is very much geared towards smaller fleets for the time being, operators need to do all they can to protect their small businesses. We at American Business Insurance Services, Inc. are here to help. Commercial Trucking Insurance or Delivery Insurance is tremendously important to the safety and security of drivers, their freight, and their business. If you are thinking about contracting through Uber Freight, you will have to have the proper insurance coverage. At American Business Insurance Services, Inc. we shop all the currently competitive markets for you. By doing this we can find you the best coverage to fit your specific needs in the commercial trucking industry. 

Why You Need Coverage?

American Business Insurance Services, Inc. has identified the Uber Freight business model as one that will likely transform the way the freight delivery industry operates. The seamless Uber Freightadaption of this technology to all types of businesses, that have shipping needs, has allowed for convenience of scheduling, more carrier options for businesses, and expedited delivery.

Our team of licensed brokers are well aware of the coverage you will need as a delivery fleet or owner-operator service. Furthermore, some of the common types of coverage that apply to delivery and commercial trucking businesses are:

  • Auto Liability to protect bodily injury of all parties
  • (Auto)Property Damage to cover damage to property
  • Comprehensive & Collision to protect against most causes of loss to your vehicle(s)
  • Personal Injury or Medical Coverage
  • Cargo Coverage

Contacting American Business Insurance Services, Inc. will guarantee that you are fully covered under a commercial auto policy and allow you to operate your fleet with Uber Freight.

Why American Business Insurance Services, Inc.?

At American Business Insurance Services, Inc., our goal is to build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. Our mission is to create an understanding with our clients that they are at the forefront of our business. Consequently, we strive to make sure we know our clients business thoroughly to create a true partnership. American Business Insurance Services, Inc. is committed to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time and of the highest caliber. Therefore, we use only the best practices in the industry. Through our stringent processes and systems we let you operate your commercial trucking or delivery service with confidence.

In conclusion, the Uber Freight business model could transform the way trucking operates and we understand that. As the business changes we at American Business Insurance Services, Inc. adapt with the change to provide the best types of coverage for clients.

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