The Best NEMT Insurance in Texas

For-Hire Livery Insurance

For-hire livery insurance is a type of commercial auto coverage. Businesses use this for vehicles that generate revenue from transporting people. The most common types of for-hire livery insurance include taxi insurance, black car/limousine insurance, non-emergency medical transportation NEMT insurance, and ride share insurance.

What is NEMT and NEMT Insurance?

Non-emergency medical transportation, commonly called NEMT or Paratransit, vehicles are used to transport people who need help traveling to and from appointments for medical treatment. NEMT insurance is a type of livery coverage that protects business vehicles. These vehicles transport patients to medical appointments on a pre-arranged basis. NEMT insurance differs from other forms of livery insurance in a few ways. Unlike taxi services, Medicaid or medical service providers typically compensate NEMT businesses. It’s important to note that EMT vehicles lack the lightbars and sirens commonly found in ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Minivans, passenger vans, and SUVs are among the most common commercial autos for non-emergency medical transportation. 

Your search for a professional insurance agency that knows the ins-and-outs of NEMT insurance is over! American Business Insurance Services, Inc. has been writing this class of business for over 35 years. Experience with NEMT coverage cannot be understated when you consider the vast requirements that apply to this type of policy. American Business Insurance currently offers NEMT insurance in Texas as well as several other states in the U.S.

Texas NEMT and Background

In Texas, the major hubs are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth. There are over 7 million people in these cities. Many of the elderly people living here need transportation to medical centers at all hours of the day. Even for those who are fortunate enough to have loved ones to drive them around, it’s not always convenient. Everyone living in these cities knows that traffic can be slow-paced, finding parking can be a burden. Sometimes, a doctor’s visit can take the whole day.

This is when paratransit service or NEMT comes into play. Many NEMT agencies operate fleets in Texas that American Business Insurance works with to provide the best available coverage. Those seeking transportation can be picked up at their specific location and then the NEMT vehicle discharges passengers on request at various hospitals or medical centers. Having the right NEMT insurance in Texas is essential in making sure your business and customers are covered in case of an incident.

When customers are looking to choose a paratransit service or agency to be responsible for their loved ones, they’ll look into the NEMT company to make sure their loved one is safe and protected. American Business Insurance provides NEMT insurance to companies nationwide. We do so while creating customized policies to best serve our clients’ needs.

How Much Does NEMT Insurance in Texas Cost?

This is typically the first and most frequent question American Business Insurance gets when quoting public auto insurance policy. There’s no sense in wasting time with an agent who can’t get you a better rate than you already have. Depending on where you operate, American Business Insurance can give you an indication based on the premiums of other similar risks in the area. If you own a NEMT business and are looking for NEMT insurance in Texas for your fleet, you’ve come to the right place.

American Business Insurance has a system to research other accounts in your area that have similar coverage limits to you. Therefore, we can usually ball-park based on this data. We’ve had accounts in rural Kentucky, for instance, with annual rates as low as $800 per car. This isn’t a typical rate, but it does happen. Therefore, the best thing to do is provide us with all the information you can. This way, we can shop your application out to all of our carriers. Then we do our thing and get back to you with a firm quote that makes sense for you. We have flexible financing options. Moreover, we will always work with you the best we can to make your coverage as affordable as possible. 

Paratransit/NEMT Insurance in Texas at American Business Insurance Services, Inc.

At American Business Insurance, our goal is to build long-lasting, valued, and trusted relationships. Our mission is to create an understanding of our clients. We want our clients to know they’re at the forefront of our business. American Business Insurance, commits to professional excellence and delivers commitments on time, and of the highest caliber. Also, we use only the best practices in the industry through our stringent processes and systems. These let you run your Texas NEMT service company with confidence.

Furthermore, most agencies take days or even weeks to process a vehicle or driver change on your NEMT policy. At American Business Insurance Services, Inc. we have a fast, easy, and user-friendly online customer portal that you will love. Our state-of-the-art agency portal allows you to manage your NEMT business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this portal, you can make changes to your policy online at any time – day or night. This is essential in running a business that operates 24/7.

We do the leg work for you. We have built strong, long-term relationships with our carriers of NEMT insurance. This way, we can find you the best policy to match your NEMT business needs. We have over 35+ years of experience in insuring commercial auto fleets. This makes American Business Insurance Services, Inc. quick and efficient in finding the best carrier options.

How Can We Help?

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