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For Hire Livery Insurance

For hire livery insurance is a special type of insurance that covers vehicles used to transport people, such as Taxis, Limos, buses, and other non-emergency transport services. American Business Insurance covers a wide variety of services, that means we cover other non-traditional services other than taxis and black cars. If you are a business owner that operates a fleet of transportation vehicles, you should consider getting coverage from American Business Insurance. Why? Because at American Business Insurance we are always thinking ahead, and we have the flexibility unlike the other large insurance corporations. That is why we are introducing special insurance coverages for drivers for Uber, Lyft, Turo, and Get Around. This shows that our business is always innovating and looking for ways to change with the industry.

Introducing Period X ™ & Period Zero ™

Period X ™ & Period Zero ™ are our brand new services tailored to for hire livery services such as Uber, Lyft, Turo and Get Around. These special coverages are similar to our other fleet insurance policies, where the coverage is on a pay-per-drive or pay-per-mile basis. American Business Insurance understands that these ride sharing services are on the rise recently, and in order to counter these changes in the industry our company needs to stay innovative to be on top of the game. One of the benefits for For Hire Livery Insurance is the collision coverage. According to the Insurance company State Farm, on average a driver files an insurance claim every 17 years, or roughly one accident per 300,000 miles you drive (based on the average American driving statistics). As a ride sharing driver you will be driving A LOT more than the average American, that means you should consider getting For Hire Livery Insurance even more than the average American.

Besides Collision coverage, our for hire livery insurance coverage includes different options such as liability protection, driver protection, and vehicle protection, and also the ability to cover your medical expenses in case of an accident. At American Business Insurance, we understand that accidents to happen, and we are here to minimize the trouble for you. If you own a car and use it for ridesharing services, you should consider using American Business Insurance’s brand new Period X ™ & Period Zero ™ plans.

Other For Hire Livery Insurance Options

If you don’t drive a Uber or Lyft, we do have other coverage that targets specific non-emergency vehicles such as buses, limos, black cars, and even trucks. Some of these services include Child Transportation, Elderly transportation, and also airport transportation services. However, many of these services have certain limitations based on the vehicle and the State that the company is operating in. At American Business Insurance, we strive to provide you with the best For Hire Livery Insurance quotes that are tailored to your specific company and your situation. Our company operates across the United States, that means we know all of the Ins and Outs of each State and its specific regulations.

In conclusion, you should consider American Business Insurance if you are in the market of For Hire Livery Insurance. Throughout the 30+ years American Business Insurance is in business, we have always strived to provide the best insurance coverage tailored to your specific company. So what are you waiting for? Go online to and shop around our different policies, and even if you’re not in the market for For Hire Livery Insurance policies, we have other commercial insurance policies available. Get Insured today.